Unloaded today kiln #2 Maple ambrosia and some figured.  2 inch thick materiel up to 24 inches

Kiln Dried slabs of Maple and Walnut coming out of the kiln Friday April 26th and available for sale. Walnut slabs 15 inches to 48 inches wide.  Maple is curly and ambrosia contact us for more details.

Elm, Walnut, Cherry, Paulownia, Pine, Poplar, Oak, Ambrosia and Curly Maple

Red Oak 1x10x8s and 16 ft, White Oak 1x8x10s quartersawn and kiln dried. 5.50 a board foot

Large Slabs up to 58 inches wide in Walnut Maple Oak and Poplar

Round Slices up to 52 inches wide in oak and English walnut.

Mantles all different sizes great deals.

Reclaimed Lumber and boards. 2.50 a bf

cut offs and smaller pieces available

Prices while supplies last and can change please send us your info or come visit the lumber yard.  Woodworking supply and sawmill we can cut anything any size.